High School


High School curriculum is structured in a manner that keeps your child in touch with the ever-changing world trends.


  • In high school, students have the flexibility to choose different subjects
  • The selection of vocational courses can be as per their interest
  • Overall syllabus of ICSE will give an upper hand in English than other boards
  • ICSE is more accepted world-wide and transition abroad for higher studies is easier in ICSE. It is a better option for all kinds of competitive exams
  • Internal assessments and examinations will be done in
    1. A Third Language
    2. Art
    3. Social Useful Production Work – SUPW
    4. Physical Education
    5. Education in Moral and Spiritual Values
  • Students will appear for external examinations in six subjects
  • Board Certification will be for 6 subjects and SUPW


Group Options Subjects

Compulsory – All 3

1. English 
2. Second Language
3. History, Civics and Geography

Any 2

1. Maths
2. Science – Physics, Chemistry, Biology
3. Economics
4. Commerce
5. Technical Drawing
6. Foreign Language
7. Classical Language
8. Computer Science
9. Environmental Science

Any 1

1. Art
2. Performing Arts
3. Physical Education
4. Yoga
5. Cookery




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